Top 10 Belated Valentines Gifts


By Ashley Magday

Valentines was the day where couples give each other something to make them feel loved. Something that will make them happy is by giving them a gift that you made or you bought. Many gifts can be easily found at the store or made. According to some Morro Bay High School students, the most popular gifts are more sentimental, classic ones like chocolates, flowers and especially a letter for their special someone. Freshman Lisbet Eligio said, “the most popular gift that every girl receives on Valentine’s Day are chocolates and good smelling flowers.”

Here is a compilation of gifts for this Valentine’s week if you’re looking for something heartfelt to give your special someone (or if you didn’t get around to it the actual Valentine’s Day itself).

  1. Chocolate/favorite candy: It’s sweet, and a really easy gift to give to your loved ones and something that anyone could appreciate.
  2. Flowers: They smell good and aren’t costly! Lots of people have a favorite flower also.
  3. Love letter: For a heartfelt gift, buy a card and write something you liked about them or make your own card at home with your written love letter. This is definitely a thoughtful gift.
  4. Matching jewelry with your special someone: Matching rings, bracelets, or similar things are a visual sign of love that will last forever.
  5. Matching shirts: Put a fun saying, inside joke, or similar style T-shirts to wear together for a great gift!
  6. A collage of pictures from the past years: Something that they can keep and look back on for a long time.
  7. Stuffed toy/Teddy bear: Just a fun, sweet idea to make someone smile.
  8. Balloons: Want to make a big statement? Give them colorful balloons to show your love.
  9. Event tickets: Give your loved one an experience, whether that means going out to a movie, concert, or another event together.
  10. Find Their Favorite Places: Show your special someone your love by taking them out to their favorite places or something you know they’d enjoy.

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