MBHS Students “Spread the Love” for Valentine’s Day


During the week of Valentine’s Day, February 12-15, MBHS students participated in a Valentine-themed spirit week organized by ASB called “Spread the Love Week.” There were four different spirit days to celebrate the holiday, and many students seemed to really enjoy participating. Amanda Cameli and Sophie Green, both sophomores in ASB, agreed that the week went “pretty well” in that there was a substantial amount of student participation in favorite events such as Newly-Weds and Pal-entines.

On Tuesday, February 12, students had the opportunity to make Valentines in the quad for their friends. These Valentines were then delivered to the recipient later in the week, on Valentine’s Day. The next day, February 13, was “Rom Com Day.” The events of this day included students getting to come to school dressed as their favorite Rom Com characters of the ’80s and 90’s and getting to watch a RomCom at lunch in the cafeteria. On Valentine’s Day, students were encouraged to come to school wearing pink and/or red. On top of this, there was a game that proved very popular among ASB and the student body: the Newly-Weds game. Cameli stated that her favorite activity from the week was the Newly-Weds because “it was really fun to have the interaction with the students like that.” Green, who “helped make a lot of those questions,” added that “there were some pretty funny contestants.” The following day, February 15, there was a final event called “Palentine’s Day.” Here, students were able to give their friends a shout out during lunch, finishing off the Spread the Love spirit week.

The general consensus of ASB students who discussed the spirit week was that it was an enjoyable experience, both to host and participate in. Cameli highlighted that “it was just different than what we had done before.” The students who helped to plan the week were enthusiastic about the level of student participation in the activities. “It was nice to see people participating in something we created,” concluded Cameli when asked what the highlight of the week for her would be.

The ultimate goal of any spirit week is for the students to have the opportunity to be spirited and excited about something. It’s an opportunity to get involved in activities with friends and peers. For the Spread the Love spirit week, I felt the overarching theme that it was intended to be an inclusive Valentine’s Day experience. Remarking on the Palentine’s activity, specifically, Green stated her feelings that “it’s really fun to include everyone in Valentine’s Day.” She enjoyed being able to plan fun activities surrounding the holiday that were “not just (for) people who have a significant other, but people who want to appreciate their friends as well.” This resulted in a very fun week for all participating students, in that they were able to Spread the Love at school.

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