New Ethnic Studies Course at MBHS

Morro Bay High School's upcoming Ethnic Studies seeks to empower the many ethnicities that populate the United States.

Next year Morro Bay High School will be offering an Ethnic Studies class for the first time ever. It will be a one semester social science elective focusing on ethnic minority groups in America. The course will cover music, history, art, culture, current events, and historical events that influence how people of these cultures live in America today.

Teachers and students are hoping that the course will promote open mindedness and pave the way for similar classes like religious studies or gender studies classes. While at the moment we only have clubs focusing on these issues, classes will offer students a more complete understanding. At the moment the elective is only being offered for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, however the future teacher of the class, Mrs. Saleh, says that “it would be amazing to offer classes like theses to Freshman especially since they don’t get the option to take history classes.”

“I want the course to be shaped by current news and societal issues, we’ll include African Americans, Mexicans/Mexican-Americans, and Middle Eastern Americans into the course. These groups will most likely be addressed culturally, socially, and politically. I would also like to incorporate Filipino-Americans into the class because we do have a decent sized Filipino-American population here at MBHS. It would be great to learn more about the groups that make up our student body because the ultimate goal should really be to promote understanding and awareness here on campus,” voices Saleh. While it is only a one semester class the goal is to teach students as much as possible about the world around them. “I think it’s really cool to touch on minority groups that aren’t normally talked about” says student Monica Negrete.

The class plans to focus on both historical and current events. Saleh states “often you have to look backward to understand why things are the way they are today.” The number of periods and the time that the class takes place will depend on student enrollment. For students interested in the class both the Counselor and Mrs. Saleh have more information on enrollment.

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