Top 10 iMovies – Reviewed


by Megan Costanzo

iMovie is a video editing software application sold by Apple Inc. It was originally released in 1999. iMovie allows anyone to become a video artist. There is no limit to your creativity with iMovies.

I love to make them, and started to wonder how other people use iMovie.

I watched and reviewed 10 iMovies that called themselves ‘the best’, ‘the best ever’, or the ‘world’s best’. Here’s what I think of each one.

1. Animals Link Here

This movie had fun music, great photos, but the rude comment at the end that wrecked it. I know it was just for laughs, but rudeness is never fun!        

2. Satin’s Fridge Link Here

It is a very creative film but it has its flaws. It is a bit too scary for my taste, but if you love scary things, this is the iMovie for you!

3. 6-Year-Old Spy Link Here

This is a cute film about a cute boy. It showed us his imagination in very creative ways. He’s here to protect us all! This movie is the cutest thing ever.

4. Marissa & Isabella The Adventure Link Here

I really did not understand this movie, but it was funny and fun. I liked the flag.

5. Hold Your Fire Link Here

I liked the music & lighting effects.  I also loved the well developed story and the cliffhanger ending.

6. THE ALEX!!! Link Here

I did not like this movie because there was too much hitting and it was kind of creepy. However, if you like scarier movies, this is the one for you.

7. A Short Film made with iMovie  Link Here

I liked the dogs and cows. I also liked the music. It was very sweet.

8.  Best iMovie Ever Link Here

This film was about someone who struggled with math. Have you ever struggled with a difficult challenge? In this movie, there was no dialogue, a creative touch. His facial expressions tell the whole story.

9. Mook-A-Nator Link Here

When is a family vacation, not just a vacation? When it’s a movie!  I cannot wait to go to Ouzel Falls. Hope you can’t either once you watch this movie and see how much fun it is!  

10. Class 5 vacation Link Here

This was awesome! It was an action packed film about the Smoky Mountains. Maybe next time be sure Grandpa is wearing a shirt!

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