The March Madness Basketball Tournament


During this month, ASB hosted their March Madness Basketball tournament for students to participate in a 3 on 3 skirmish. Students were able to conduct their own team of selected people to compete in the tournament. The prize was burritos for each of the team members. Seven teams signed up for the tournament,  including Shirtless Savyons, Ballbusters, Eleven’s, Pray for Markelle, The Lego Movie 2, No Yumpers and the Staff team. The tournament took place from March 5 to March 8 in the big gym at lunch. In the game, half court shots would be worth 7 points and other scoring would go by threes and twos according to regular basketball rules. Prior to this year’s tournament, the Shirtless Savyons won the competition and fought this year to defend their title.

For the first day, the Shirtless Savyons went up against the Ballbusters. The Shirtless Savyons kicked it off with layups and multiple three’s. The Ballbusters were lagging behind and left the score 18-7 at half with Shirtless Savyons ahead. In the second half, the Ballbusters made a surprising half court shot for seven points. However the Shirtless Savyons moved on to lead the score 29-20. For the second game of the day, the Elevens played against Pray for Markelle. At half time, the Elevens were up 14-0 and had a promising look to win for the second half. Pray for Markelle fought back and scored 11 points, but the Elevens took the game 22-11.

The Lego Movie 2 and No Yumpers would play on day two. However The Lego Movie 2 did not show up, so the Staff team subbed in to play. The Staff team played with funny tricks and had playmaker moves that were so swift and fast that No Yumpers couldn’t keep up. The staff team won 21-5.

On the third day the Shirtless Savyons went head to head facing the Elevens. Throughout the whole game, each side scored back and forth. Most of the game had the two teams neck and neck at one point. In the end, the Elevens denied the Shirtless Savyons of a second championship and won 23-22 moving on to the finals.

For the last and final day of the tournament, the Staff team clashed against the Elevens. In the beginning, the Staff team accelerated above the Elevens leaving the score 11-5 at half. The Elevens came back with a plan of shooting threes to catch up with the score, but their efforts weren’t enough for the Staff team who won the match 22-17. Staff team player Sean Allstot’s claims how his team won with “hard work, dedication, and 30-plus years of experience.”

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