MBHS Prepares for a “Starry Night” of Dancing at Saturday’s Prom


Morro Bay High School’s prom will be held this Saturday, April 13 in Atascadero. The theme of the prom is “Starry Night,” based off of the painting by Vincent van Gogh. The dance is organized by the junior class under the guidance of longtime advisor Mrs. Abuan. The prom committee contributes tremendous amounts of time and effort in order to make the prom a successful event and a positive experience for students and guests. Jenna Wheeler, this year’s junior class president and prom coordinator shared a wealth of insight in regards to prom planning, what to expect from the evening, and why students should be enthusiastic about attending.

Wheeler feels that prom planning has been going great and is “looking forward to getting dressed all pretty…and seeing the big picture…all put together.” She highlighted that the most enjoyable aspect of planning prom for her has been “know[ing] what is going to happen before anyone else does,” meaning that it has been fun for her to have an insider perspective on the dance. According to Wheeler, students who attend prom can expect “something that [they’ll] always remember from [their] high school career.” Students will see the Starry Night theme in the decorations, designed to match the color scheme and simple beauty of the painting. On top of that, students can expect to dance to music from both a live band and a DJ. Jenna and the Funky Fellas, a band led by MBHS junior, Jenna Borzellino, will be playing a few songs to open prom. Then, DJ Oso Nice will be in charge of the music for the rest of the event.

Personally, I have been unable to go to prom in past years, but as a senior, I made it a priority to take advantage of my final chance to attend. I’ve always heard great things about prom and felt that it is an important experience to cherish and remember. I am really looking forward to what the prom has to offer me and my friend group this year. My friends and I are also very grateful for the welcoming nature of the event and are enthusiastic about the opportunity to bring guests from other schools. Additionally, we’re excited to partake in some activities surrounding prom that are popular amongst the student body. For example, dressing up, taking photos, and having dinner as a couple or a group are a few popular student plans for the night of prom.

Similar to my own thoughts on the value of attending prom, Wheeler voiced that “prom, no matter who is planning it, is a part of the high school experience.” She also expressed that prom is an opportunity to “enjoy life while you’re here (MBHS).” Some reasons why a student may choose to pass on the opportunity to go to prom might be the costs involved or the concern that they’re not a “dance person.” However, the hardworking prom committee strongly desires for students to have the experience, and there are resources offered to make that happen. For example, Pirate Plaza on campus at MBHS is one option for students to find affordable attire. In response to other student concerns, Wheeler countered that “whether you’re a dance person or not, it’s good for your mental health; getting out of the house and not having to worry about school or life.” Ultimately, I think that prom is a great opportunity for students to engage with one another and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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