New Choir Teacher to Begin in the Fall of 2019


Next year, Morro Bay High School will be getting a new choir teacher and director. Katie Bravante will be teaching Choir at MBHS and LOMS and is looking forward to her new role in our school. She was previously the music teacher at Del Mar Elementary and is moving to MBHS to fill in for our current choir director Holly Banfield, who is leaving to pursue her doctorate in music. This change won’t interfere with class schedules. However, Bravante hopes to build up the choir program and make classes challenging but fun.

Bravante stated that she is “already in the process of securing a venue for our Winter and Spring Concerts.” While she doesn’t have any specific songs in mind she knows exactly what she hopes to gain at MBHS. “I hope to be the MBHS choir director for the next 20 years,” says Bravante, “I (also) want to select songs that are musically, culturally, and stylistically diverse.” Students at MBHS are currently feeling bittersweet about the change. Student, Georgia Yerkes, remarked, “I don’t know our current choir teacher very well, but I think she’s done a very good job of organizing our choir program. On the other hand, I think that Mrs. Bravante is a very kind and caring teacher and I think she will be a good addition to Morro Bay.”



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