Morropalooza: What’s Going on at MBHS on Friday?


After many months of planning and preparation, ASB will be putting on a brand new annual event this Friday: Morropalooza. The idea for Morropalooza, according to ASB member, Katherine Konjoyan, is that the event will be “our school’s best version of a music festival.” The event will be on Friday, April 26 from 4-8 pm on the football field. It is open for anyone to attend. Tickets for students and anyone under 18 are $3, and adults are $5. The festival will consist of performances from student and local bands, food trucks, and game and vendor booths hosted by MBHS clubs.

According to sophomore and ASB student, Amanda Cameli, the goal of Morropalooza is to “create an event that will bring in the community, showcase student talent at our school, and bring in the clubs.” Similarly, Konjoyan added that the event will “allow families, students, and the community to come together, listen to local musicians, see some of our performers, as well as to see what our clubs at school offer.” The idea is full inclusion and involvement. While our school does offer a lot of opportunities for students to attend events, Konjoyan noted that “we wanted an event that encompassed not only our school, but the general community around us.”

Some things that Konjoyan is looking forward to having at the festival are “food trucks and all the music people have been working on because [she] love[s] to see all the students’ hard work.” Cameli agreed with those and added her enthusiasm about continuing to “develop this event in the future. We want to make this a cemented event where we can continue to let our students shine.”

From an alternate perspective, Jenna Borzellino, MBHS junior and founder of student band Jenna and the Funky Fellas, is excited about playing for “an excited crowd.” She said that “there is nothing they (students) can go wrong with.” in attending Morropalooza. Ultimately, those who attend Morropalooza can expect to hear music, be well fed, play some games, and get their own music festival experience in their very own Morro Bay.

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