MBHS Boys Golf: the Undefeated Season Recap


The Golf team beat schools such as Santa Maria, Templeton, Pioneer Valley, Nipomo, and Orcutt Academy. Many of the games were won by large margins, and others by smaller margins, but MBHS always came out with the win. The highest score of the season was 242 against Orcutt Academy, which still not a bad score, but the lowest score of the season was 212 against Templeton, where Morro Bay won by 49 swings.

On another note, players like Mac Dougherty, Cameron Joller, John Riley, Brayden Corriea, Carter Good, and Morgan Edgeworth were all players who earned the honors of being the Player of the Match with excellent scores and good sportsmanship. Mac Dougherty won the award the most times, winning it an astonishing four times. Everybody else won the award once.

Here is what head coach Sean Alstott had to say regarding the season, “Our toughest opponent this year was Nipomo. Their whole team is solid, so the scoring came down to our last couple golfers.” When asked about his confidence going into the playoffs and what strategies he used to go undefeated, he responded with, “I like our chances going into our league finals and qualifying for playoffs. We’ve been really consistent all year with some pretty low scores, so I’m feeling good. The golfers were the ones who did everything. They showed up every day and worked hard to improve all season. My biggest thing as a coach was to try and give them lots of opportunities to get better and to have fun as a group.” Finally, Coach Alstott’s favorite memory was, “The varsity team took an overnight trip to the Bay Area and played some golf, went to a college golf tournament, and had really cool photos taken by a professional photographer, so that whole trip was pretty memorable. Other than that, locking down a league championship by beating Nipomo was pretty fun.”

The Golf team is currently entering the playoffs and will be playing in other tournaments later on. After beating Nipomo, the Golf team captured the league championship. As of now, the Boys MBHS Golf team is on top of the world. Going undefeated, winning the league championship, and being a heavy favorite in the playoffs is a very nice luxury to have.

Now, we just have to wait for the results of the playoffs, but as of now, the MBHS Golf team is the best team in the league.

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