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Can We Guess Your Favorite City Based on Your Fashion Choices?


By Mailani Mckelvy

Here at the Spyglass, we are pretty observant. To prove it, we think can guess your favorite city just based on your style. Think we are wrong? Take the quiz to find out!

What kind of shoes do you prefer?

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Can we guess your ideal city based on what style of clothes you like?
Mexico City, Mexico

Viva Mexico! You are interested in more tropical climate and will never be bored in such a bustling, energetic city. Enjoy the the tropical beaches, concerts, incredible food and more in such a rich cultural center.
Reykjavik, Iceland

Welcome to Iceland! Your practical, outdoorsy style suggests that you'd fall in love with the nature and beauty of Iceland. In Reykjavik, you will embrace both the culture and arts as well as finding the Iceland's beautiful hidden treasures.
Paris, France

Bienvenue en France! Welcome to what is regarded to be the fashion capital of the world as well as a huge cultural center. Visit beautiful cathedrals and the Eiffel tower, or try the many beautiful cafes. Enjoy the food, fun, and festivities all while looking fantastic!
New York City, U.S.A.

You belong in the iconic city of New York, the city that never sleeps! Find your place in Central park, visit the Empire State building, or maybe enjoy a fabulous Broadway production-- all while looking your best. Your practice, stylish clothing picks are proof that you'll fit right in.

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