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Design Your Ideal Summer Vacation


By Maddy Booker

Summer vacation is just around the corner! Take the quiz to find out your ideal summer vacation destination!

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Design Your Ideal Summer Vacation
Tropical Beach Vacation

This summer, your friends can find you in a tropical place like Hawaii or Tahiti. Enjoy drinking from coconuts, napping in a hammock, or taking a dip in a bright blue ocean. It helps if you know how to surf, but if not, you can always take in some sun. Just be sure to wear sunscreen! SPF 30 minimum.
Mountain Cabin in the Woods

Your adventurous spirit and outdoorsy nature (get it?) say that you should spend your summer in a secluded cabin in the mountains, as isolated from society as Henry David Thoreau. Spending long nights by the fire and writing poetry about the trees outside your window are a few activities that seem right up your alley. You may want to invest in some hiking shoes or bird watching equipment...or something.
Big City Excursion

You would enjoy the hustle and bustle of big city life this summer. Somewhere like New York City or Tokyo would suit you well as a vacation destination. Cities are busy and exciting places to be, and you'll never run out of things to do! So, make the most of it by walking around, visiting famous museums, seeing shows, and doing plenty of shopping.
Family Fun at a Theme Park

You are a thrill seeker and should spend as much time as possible riding roller coasters, taking photos with people in cartoon character suits, and eating churros bigger than your head. You could go to a variety of different theme parks for vacation, from family-friendly Disneyland to hardcore Six Flags. Ultimately, your ideal summer vacation would be spent eating as much junk food as possible and trying not to hurl, but having a fun time regardless.
The Comfort of Your Own Home

You should spend summer in your bed with Netflix and snacks. It's been a long summer, and your answers say you need to take a couple of months to just chill. It would certainly not be a waste of summer for you to do nothing. In fact, if you accomplish anything this summer, you're doing it wrong.
Summer School

The grind never stops. You're either a little behind on classes or just eager to get ahead. Sorry about this disappointing result.

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