FFA: What’s Been Going On?


At Morro Bay High School there are multiple organizations/clubs available for students. One is Future Farmers of America, also known as FFA. In FFA you learn a lot, almost everything students would need to know about farming and local animal life. FFA also works with animals all the time. Students in FFA get to have a more hands on experience compared to other students and their regular curriculum.

Recently FFA had live horses in their class to check on and being able to make sure that they are healthy. It takes a lot to make sure that horses are living a very healthy life and to make sure that they are able to live long and perform well. “Being able to check on the horses was really fun, just to be able to learn all the different things that go on with them physically and mentally and just being able to make sure that they were healthy throughout the week.” said Junior Faith Gardener Sophomore Rebecca Dulitz  added, “I believe that the biggest issue that arises when the horses are here is probably the horses interacting with our heifers.”

In February the California Rare Fruit Growers came to our school. CRFG is an organization that was founded in 1968, members from all over America grow many different types of exotic fruit, as well as trees. They have monthly meetings in January and February. In January they teach pruning and in February they teach grafting, they sell Woodstock and give away scions. In January, February and March CRFG travel to many different junior high schools and high schools. CRFG came to our school and taught FFA students how to graft apple trees. CRFG also came to our school last year too. “it was really cool to see them (apple trees) grow last year.”Gardener said.


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