Teachers on the Waves

Mrs. Kohler of the language department tackles the waves.

Many teachers at Morro Bay High School work to balance their teaching lives with something they love to do, surf! Teachers and students alike have been seen taking advantage of the fact that they live so close to the ocean. Several teachers were asked how they balance their job and their hobby.

Mr. Fahy is an English teacher for Morro Bay who has coached and started for the surf team for four years now. “For the record, I’m more of a logistics/ director type of coach.” said Fahy. Fahy’s goal with the surf team is “to support and build the stoke in our young surfers.” He has surfed for forty years and shared that surfing is a big part of his life and that he’s thankful for the life he’s lived through surfing. Fahy is inspired by “the force of the waves and the power of the currents and the otherworldliness of the ocean.” It can be scary, said Fahy, but he keeps going. Teaching and surfing are the complete opposite to Fahy. Teaching requires Fahy to give himself to other, to be open, and help and guide all students. He wants the best education for all students. Since surfers don’t talk much in the water, “it’s a completely selfish pursuit”, where they’re just “zeroing in on that hunt for a good long wall to fly across.” Fahy has the perfect balance that “recharges a different part” of him.

Another teacher who enjoys surfing is Mr. Spahr. He is a fan of surfing and enjoys and loves the water. He started swimming competitively at the age of five in Florida. Before heading to the beach, he will start his warm up routine at home which includes stretching.

One of the French and Spanish teachers also surfs. Ms. Kohler was the only fourteen year old Salvadorian girl to surf in El Salvador. She enjoys surfing because she feels confident and it gives her peace and challenge too. One of the challenges she has to face is that the conditions of surfing are always changing. The conditions have to do with the time and how big the waves are. “Only a surfer knows the feeling.” said Ms. Kohler. Ms. Kohler has also attended a surf competition. This competition took place in El Salvador when she was in her late twenties, but she didn’t like it because she got nervous. Since Kohler grew up in the tropics it’s much easier Kohler replied after being asked if she had any special gear. Kohler has different boards for different waves and has gloves, hoodies, and boots for the cold weather. Everyone has different people who they receive inspiration from, but Kohler got inspired by watching people have fun.

When she travelled to the beach she noticed boys were only surfing. “It’s important to give time to yourself. I’m lucky that my son surfed too.”

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