Looking Back: How Have Seniors Changed at MBHS?


In just a few days, the seniors of the 2018-2019 year will graduate. They will leave behind their high school career to embark on their own paths in the world. As this moment comes upon us, the Spyglass wants to take a look at how four different seniors have changed during this four-year-long whirlwind to become the people they are today.

Zoe Linstrom

A total of four seniors were interviewed: Taylor Joller, Delaney Siegmund, Leif Anton, and Zoe Linstrom. Taylor described Morro Bay High School as its “own little world” with a uniquely nice and accepting campus. Delaney, similarly, called out the school’s “small town…vibe” where everyone knows everyone, allowing students to figure out who they were without judgement. Leif, meanwhile, named his favorite aspects of the school to be its proximity to the ocean and nice teachers. When asked about how they hoped to spend their time after high school, Taylor and Delaney both expressed interest in going directly into a four-year university, studying psychology with a minor in foreign language and biology possibly followed by a postgraduate degree, respectively.

Leif Anton

Taylor, Delaney, and Zoe had all found rewarding experiences through involvement in school activities. Zoe especially named Band under Mr. Belyea as a key factor in her decision to stay at Morro Bay rather than transfer to another school. Taylor, on the other hand, described her involvement in the ASB and how it had changed over the years. Finally, Delaney shared that her joining the Theater Arts Program had been an important decision in helping her discover her interests.

Taylor Joller

The interviewed seniors discussed several ways that both they and the school had changed during their time as students at Morro Bay High School. Leif, for instance, called out the large freshman class and a seeming decline in school pride in changes that he felt resonate in the school’s culture. Zoe attributed her time at the school to helping her “be a more honest person with [herself] and stop caring about what [she] thought other people thought of [her].” Describing how she had changed from since she was a Freshman, Delaney said that she “didn’t recognize the person she was as a freshman,” which she described as a sign of important personal growth, which she thought was an important thing for students to experience during their high school years.

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