Student Summer Highlights

Mrs. Kohler of the language department tackles the waves.

Often times over the summer, some students won’t see or talk to their peers because of their summer activities and adventures. During the summer of 2019, Morro Bay High School students attended summer programs or camps, worked summer jobs, or traveled with friends and family to various parts of the world. Whether it was relaxing at home or flying across the world, students had interesting and very different summers from one another.  

  Many students took advantage of their school-less days, and a multitude of opportunities in the community, to make money over the summer. Amber Tetz, a junior this year, worked at Kids Camp all summer. She used to attend Kids Camp as an elementary school student. Kobe Wilson, also a junior, started working at Ralph’s along with senior Julia Richards. Wilson also made money performing as a bass player in the student band Jenna and the Funky Fellas at various performances in the community. Junior Jack Bath worked as well, but emphasized he skateboarded just as much. 

  Summer intensives and programs filled a few students’ summers with rigorous learning and training, meeting new people and living away from home for some time. Senior Abbie Burrus was chosen this year to attend Girls State for a week in late June in Southern California. “It was interesting to learn more about the government and being surrounded by so many strong, forward thinking women.” Burrus commented. Faye Vavra is a senior whose dream is to become an artist. She was able to attend her dream college, California College of the Arts. in Oakland for three weeks during the summer, taking college art courses and making new friends. “CCA in general was the best month of my life,” Vavra stated. “I got to learn so much about myself as an artist and a person! I definitely came out of it more confident and excited about creating art and pursuing it in college and beyond.”

  With a new year comes a new season of fall sports. Juniors Krissy Rosario and Joseph Moran spent their summers training hard for girls and boys basketball, respectively. Sarah Warner, a junior as well, trained intensively for volleyball. The MBHS fall sports teams are prepared for a successful season.

  Travelling is a popular summer activity amongst students. Check out the interactive map below to see how far MBHS students covered the world this summer.

  Morro Bay High School is filled with students with diverse interests and priorities, apparent in the variety of summer activities they engaged in this year. Asking the person next to you in class what they did this summer might surprise you and help you get to know them better.

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