New Teachers at Morro Bay High School


Welcome back, Pirates! This school year students are excited to have classes with new teachers and new teaching styles, so what of Morro Bay High School’s new additions to the staff? This year MBHS is welcoming health teacher Jake Goossen-Brown, chemistry teacher Tyler Andree, Study Skills/WISE teacher Tim May, and choir teacher Katie Bravante. 

Along with being the new health teacher Mr. Goossen-Brown is also taking up the role of coach for the Morro Bay Pirates football team. Coming to a school with two roles is quite the challenge while getting to know the students and faculty. Here’s what Goossen-Brown had to say about his involvement in the school community, “I’m coaching football obviously so trying to make sure we have the community around us is a huge goal of ours. So making sure we are visible, behaving in the right ways, being a good representation to the school and just being around will help that.” 

This year the science wing will be adding another member, Tyler Andree who will be teaching chemistry and AP(Advanced Placement) chemistry. Teaching a class also comes with certain goals. “This year I’m actually implementing the new AP chemistry class and so I would really like to get that class off the ground,” states Andree about his class goals.

Alongside Linnae Coiner, Tim May will be teaching study skills as well with  WISE (Winning Interventions for Student Excellence) class. To get more connected to the pirate community Tim may expresses his plans, “Show up and do my job is one thing, I think that is very important when teachers are doing what their supposed to be doing because they will earn the respect of both teachers and students.I also think it’s really important to know students names, especially the students in the classroom.” 

In the music section, Katie Bravante is taking up the role as choir teacher for MBHS. Teaching choir, Ms. Bravante brings her own ways of educating her students. “I think that knowing my students’ backgrounds and engaging them in their interests and in their experiences helps. For example we have a student from Germany and so we’re doing some songs in german.”

That’s all for the new teachers this year at MBHS so make sure to welcome them to our home, Pirates!  

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