What is MBHS’s Favorite Studying Music?


Summer break has barely come to an end, yet many students are already back on the grind of studying for tests and quizzes. In the modern school, music has become a way of focusing and motivating students to keep on studying. So what kind of music do our fellow Morro Bay Pirates listen to?

Junior class President of 2019-2020 Hue Lykes shared his thoughts on music for studying, “I like to listen to a lot of video game music just because it’s relaxing.”

Among the students here at Morro Bay High School, another popular genre of music seems to be Lo-Fi, “I usually listen to Lo-Fi or chill beats, but usually not with vocals,” stated sophomore Eli Bell. Senior Riley Biane shares the same taste in music: “Probably Lo-Fi chill hip hop like everybody else does because it’s calming and it’s kinda repetitive.”

Among the majority of students here at Morro Bay High School, Lo-Fi seems to be the most listened to. Although Lo-Fi seems to be the most popular choice at MBHS other students have recommended a familiar song that most Marvel and Electric Light Orchestra fans seem to delve into while studying. “Mr. Blue Sky,” states Hue Lykes, “is great, always listen to on repeat, never gets old.” 

With the popularity of listening to music while studying obvious, how does it actually help students? Freshman Laettner Goron tells how music helps him study, “It kinda helps me because I feel like I’m in sync with my homework while I’m listening to music, just makes me feel calm.” Senior volleyball player Malik Bailey says, “I guess it just gets me into the zone.” In some instances different types of music can help depending on the situation, “if I’m not energetic enough I listen to rap to get me ready, but if I’m too jittery I listen to Lo-Fi to get me ready.”

For studying, music can be a perfect way for students to channel their energy on schoolwork and our students have proved that statement by their own experience.

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