Boys Water Polo Defeated by Arroyo Grande


  The Morro Bay Boys water polo team suffered a heavy loss this past Tuesday in their game against Arroyo Grande High School. Senior Jerry Daulman tells us the team did their best, they still lost 5-15.

  Going into the game the water polo team didn’t have a very positive mindset, according to Jerry. They had just “watched JV get destroyed” and knew ahead of time that Arroyo Grande was the defending Mountain League champion. Daulman says the “league is looking pretty difficult this season” but has higher hopes for CIF.

  Goalie Zyan Sachs went in with the goal of not letting AG win by more than ten points. He knew that “would have been a good accomplishment because they’re a really good division 1 team”. Sachs was able to meet this goal exactly, in addition to the good feat of blocking three counterattack shots. “Basically, as a goalie, if they counterattack and it’s one on you, they’re supposed to score.” 

  Moving forward in the fall season, Sachs also thinks the boys water polo team will see a lot of improvement. “Most of our starters are either juniors or sophomores. We only have two seniors, Lucas and Jerry.” This means the rest of the team has a lot of time and room for growth.

  The next boys water polo game will be this Saturday against Santa Cruz, with varsity at 11:00 and junior varsity at 12:00.

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