Pirate Crews: The Newest Schoolwide Competition


School is back in session, and with a new school year at Morro Bay High School, a new competition has surfaced. In previous years ASB has held school spirit competitions and rewarded individual classes.  But this year ASB has decided to change things up with a year-long competition that stretches across the entire school. 

 At the beginning of the year, everyone was sorted into ‘crews’. While several rumors have circulated around the school about what was going to happen, it has been confirmed that the crew with the most points by the end of the year will go to Magic Mountain. Earning points is simple. Anytime you participate in an ASB event, such as games in the quad or going to school dances, you get points for your team. The four teams, Aegean, Caribbean, Baltic, and Caspian have an equal amount of students and teachers, and whoever has the most participation wins. “I think it’s pretty cool, and it’s a much better way to reward school spirit. Before with individual classes getting prizes there wasn’t a reason to participate, but now I actually want to compete,” said Sophomore Macey Cooper.

Some students are not quite as excited about the change. Junior Madelaine Chaney said in a recent interview that “it seems like a waste of time and money. The chances of being the team that actually goes to Magic Mountain is slim, and even if you win the teams are random, so you’re probably going to end up going with people you don’t even like.” ASB is currently working on addressing concerns about the crews and are working to improve the crews for next year. 

The most recent crew competition was Capture the Flag on Wednesday, August 5th, in which student from different crews played against each other to earn points. With a victory in that game, Caribbean Crew is in the lead so far.

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