Morro Bay-bies!

Sophie, Mrs. Saleh's new baby, smiles at the camera

A new year has kicked up at Morro Bay High School, and with a new year, there are new mothers and babies at the school. For returning juniors, you may have noticed that Mrs. Saleh is back, with a healthy baby girl named Sophie. Returning students might have also noticed that Mrs. McCall has left for her maternity leave.

“It is definitely a balancing act, I spend a lot of time working and now I need to even my time out,” says Saleh. Saleh talked about how “she is just fun. She is at the age where she is starting to laugh and crawl,” at the same time, “the worst is definitely sleep deprivation. It’s hard enough to function when you aren’t running on half the sleep.”

Mrs. McCall is on maternity leave and reached out to tell us about her new baby girl Jolene. “The best part about being on maternity leave is not having to go to work! I’m on an endless summer right now.  But the only downside is that I’m spending my days and nights changing diapers, feeding, and trying to keep our baby girl from crying.  I am barely getting enough sleep to function as a normal adult. Plus I’m on Jolene’s schedule, so getting out of the house is a long process now.  But it is all worth it because we have a healthy baby girl that my husband and I love dearly.” She will be on maternity leave for all of first semester. Generally maternity leave is 12 weeks, however, she is taking more time off for her baby girl.

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