Foreign Exchange Students at MBHS


A new school year has just begun, bringing students back on campus. Along with their return, a group of foreign exchange students is welcomed to Morro Bay High. These kids have traveled from a variety of countries, and are now ready for a year at our sea-side school. The foreign exchange program is very beneficial to many aspects, both educational and social. Students who decide to study in other countries learn new languages, immerse themselves in different cultures, and build relationships with friends and host families that can last a lifetime.

In the short amount of time that the foreign exchange students have been here, many are already enjoying Morro Bay. “There are beaches and sun. I have always wanted to surf in California” says Angelica Tinti, senior from Italy, and now a member of the school surf club. Fiona Shier, a junior from Germany adds, “I chose to go to the USA because I traveled here with my family last year and I  liked it. California is really cool because of the ocean.” The beachside location will surely give the foreign exchange students a year to remember.

Not only is the language a main difference, but the school environment is also unique from many other countries. “Schools in Argentia have only one classroom for each grade. If you were a senior you would be in a class with all the other seniors. Teachers come in and out of the room to teach their subjects,” explains Milagros Alegria, a senior from Argentina. “Another thing that is different,” she continued, “is that we don’t have sports at our school. If you want to play a sport or join a club you have to go somewhere else.”  The chance to experience a new school environment, in addition to speaking in a second language is a very constructive way to learn. 

The foreign exchange students of the 2019-20 school year will be at Morro Bay High until early June. Over time they spend here, these students will make new friends, learn more English, and build memories they will never forget. 

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