Youth Truth Survey to be Administered October 7th


It’s time for students to begin thinking about their school experience: things that they like about Morro Bay High School and things they wish were different. The opportunity to share these thoughts is coming up on Monday, October 7, 2019. The Youth Truth Survey will be administered in every English class on this day, as it has the last two years, so that students may anonymously share their thoughts in order to improve the school.

It is important to answer this survey honestly, because the results will be used to determine funding for Morro Bay High School and the entire district. If students are not honest in their answers, problems that affect them will continue to go unchanged. 

The survey in the past has brought change to improve our school already in the classroom and around campus, and  is in the process of creating more. Endearingly called “Birdman” by students, the beloved falconeer is a new addition to the campus to ward off seagulls as a result from responses from the survey in the past. The MBHS Pirate Crews were also a result of the survey. There are still changes to be made, however, as long as students answer this anonymous survey honestly and thoughtfully on the 7th of October.

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