Artist Highlight: Maddy Chaney


With the completion of the J-Wing through Measure D, Morro Bay High School’s art program has experienced serious growth, allowing students a variety of new artistic opportunities.

One artist, junior Maddy Chaney, has been able to get work in the art field and shares her experience with us. She does what is called commission work, allowing people to request different subjects for her to draw. “I normally advertise on social media such as Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc., and I price based on the amount of detail, poses, and time,” Chaney says, “it’s a lot of hard work to get the commission just right, but it’s really fun and satisfying to see the outcome.” Her anime style of artwork has become increasingly more popular, and with her use of both digital and traditional artwork, Chaney has started to build up an impressive amount of experience in the art field.

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