Dodge-Ball Event


Its all fun and games at Morro Bay High School. All grades participated in a dodgeball tournament in the small gym. The event was October 1-4 and took place at lunch time all throughout the week.

  A solid party of people participated in the dodge-ball event. The students chose the teams and signed up on their own, but a lot people grouped in with others that they play sports with. This includes “Big Dave Drippin’” the winning team for the dodge-ball event at MBHS. Their captain is Jackson Howell. “You have to be an athlete with a good arm and coordination”, says Howell. Howell applied this to his team to win the tournament.

  MBHS has more lunchtime activities throughout the school year. If you miss one, you can always participate in the next activity. So keep a lookout on the school calendar if you are interested in being involved. Lunchtime school activities for all grade levels are great ways to meet people.

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