Student Spotlight: Amalia Fleming’s Promising Music Career


Morro Bay High School is full of students with different interests and passions, and some have talents they plan to turn into careers. Senior Amalia Fleming has already laid the foundation for her possible career in songwriting, with the release of her album “Vibrations” in summer of 2018. The Spyglass chose to highlight her impressive artistic achievements and potentially successful future.

Regarding the recording of her recent album, Fleming shared about her latest recording session with her local producer, Chad Land. This recent session was not for a new album, but rather, a professional demo of an original song. Land provided her with the opportunity to record with professional musicians in SLO county backing her on other instruments as well as high end equipment. “I got to do one song like the professionals do.” Fleming enthused. The experience gave her a taste of a day in her dream career writing and recording songs at a professional level. She and her producer prepared the album over the summer of 2019.

Fleming created this recording for the purpose of bringing it with her to a music convention in Los Angeles known as TAXI in November of 2019. “It’s a music convention where anyone can go, if they’re a member.” Fleming explained. “It’s an incredible opportunity to get signed, there are music industry professionals and producers, you can just hand them your CD and they’ll listen to it.” Fleming is hoping to attend workshops at this event. She applied to showcase herself there and perform on the big stage with the band she recorded with. This three day convention can potentially determine her steps for the future.

Fleming is planning to apply to some music schools with good music programs. According to Fleming, “there’s only four schools in the nation that have strong music programs and a songwriting major.” Fleming will apply to USC, Colorado University of Denver, University of Oregon, and Berklee School of Music. “I’m hoping to form connections in college but from there I don’t know what my next steps will be. I definitely want to be in the industry as a professional singer-songwriter, it just depends on who notices you and just your luck, really.” If Fleming is fortunate enough to get signed at TAXI, she may have to decide between college and going straight into the industry this fall. Fleming said she was not sure which she would choose to do, if she had to make the choice.

This industry is highly competitive and hard to find success in. Fleming has chosen this arduous path because of her passion and the joy it gives her. Her biggest passion is performing her songs on stage. “Songwriting is the biggest part, the creative side is what I’m really passionate about. Being on stage in front of an audience is what makes me feel the best and I feel the most passionate about.”

Fleming is playing for Surf Night on October 27 at Pizza Port. Her music is on Spotify and on her website:

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