Today in Morro Bay History, October 17th: Fortune-Telling Cats


Morro Bay High School has had a rich, storied history throughout its decades of existence. In order to revisit and appreciate where we came from (and, perhaps, laugh at how much things have changed since our parents or grandparents were in high school), the Spyglass is beginning a new series in which we look back at articles about MBHS written exactly 50 years ago. 

October 17, 1969, was home to one of the many predictions made by a cat named Chang, whose weekly job was to predict the outcomes of football games across the league. In an (honestly very strange) article titled “Lonesome Chang picks Cal Poly over Fresno,” it is revealed that Chang (who is usually accompanied by another cat named Miss Kitty who was feeling unwell that day) predicted many games, including that Morro Bay would defeat Atascadero. Skipping ahead several days in the future, it turns out that Chang was right, improving his record of approximately 60%. 

Whether or not more fortune-telling animals are in MBHS’s future is unclear.

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