Advice from Abbie: Sleep Troubles, Toxic Friendships, and Mistakes


  Dear Abbie,

  How do I keep my friends from staying up too late doing homework? They need sleep but they’re swamped with essays and studying. I want them to be healthyyyyy sleep is important.

  -Concerned mother of 2

  Dear Concerned Mother of 2,

  Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to this one. You can’t control your friends and if they decide that they need to stay up late doing homework, that’s their choice to make, not yours. You can still help out in little ways though! Offer your support in the places you can, encourage them to get their studying and essays done before an ungodly hour. 


  Dear Abbie,

  I have a friend who can be really mean to me so I try to not be friends with them because I know they are not a true friend but every time I stop hanging out with that friend they start to act really nice all of the sudden so I hang out with them again, but then after a while they start to be mean again. How do I end our friendship?


  Dear R,

  This definitely sounds like a toxic relationship. Friendship is when people care about and support each other, not bring each other down. I think if you’re prepared for it, you should try to have a calm discussion with this so called friend. Explain to them that you have been hurt and need to take time for yourself- away from them. Don’t just say it either; do it. Stay away from them and stand up for yourself if they continue being mean to you. Surround yourself with other people who will also stand up for you. Trying to cultivate new and better friendships will go a long way. If they do end up changing and becoming a better person, it’s okay to let them back in as long as you make it clear that this is their last chance. Stick to that too. If they end up still being horrible after you’ve taken time apart, you should ghost them. It may seem like a mean thing to do, but if you’ve explained what they’ve done wrong, taken steps in the right direction, and they’re still horrible to you? Then they deserve it. You need to remember that you are an amazing human being who deserves respect and kindness. You are worth it and you deserve better.


  Dear Abbie,

  I made a mistake and need jesus.


  Dear Noodle,

  We all have our ways of dealing with problems in our lives, religion is one of those for a lot of people! Mistakes can be overcome. You’ve got this.


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