JV Triumphs, Varsity Defeated in 2019 Homecoming Game


The main Homecoming Festivities started off with a bang, as the Homecoming Football Game against Templeton began. The 3-4 MBHS Pirates were pitted against the 5-1 Templeton Eagles in this rivalry game.

The J.V was up first and beat the Eagles with a score of 21-9. Sophomore Phoenix Popp ran into the endzone for two touchdowns, adding to his total for the season. Freshman Nicky Johnson also threw for a touchdown for the three touchdowns of the game. MBHS made one extra point, missed one two-point conversion, and made one two-point conversion to score 21 points in the game. Templeton scored a touchdown and kicked an extra point, and later got a safety, giving them an extra two points to give them nine points. This improves the J.V record to 4-3 on the season. 

The Varsity squad was up next for their long-awaited game and lost with a score of 48 -19. MBHS was not able to keep the ball away for the Eagles, as MBHS had 37 plays on offense, and Templeton had 60 plays on offense. Templeton came out of the gates running, scoring the first three touchdowns on rushing plays. MBHS’ first score came as a rushing touchdown in the second quarter, making the score 21-7 after the score. At the end of the second half, the score was 34-7, as Templeton continued to rush for touchdowns and take the ball away from MBHS. On the first possession of the second half, MBHS got an interception but gave the ball back after not converting on fourth down. MBHS continued on not converting on fourth down after a takeaway. In the fourth quarter, MBHS forced a turnover and ran in for a touchdown on the offensive possession, making the score 41-13 after the missed PAT. Templeton scored their last touchdown of the game off of another rushing touchdown as well. With one minute to go, MBHS scored another rushing touchdown to make the score 41-19 after a missed two-point try. This will lower the MBHS record to 3-5.

MBHS’s next game will be against Santa Maria on October 25 at 7:00 p.m. It will be an away conference game, and a must-win in order for MBHS to want to get into the Playoffs.

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