Spotlight: Season Bryant, Pirate of the Year


On October 18th, Morro Bay High School senior Season Bryant was announced as the first MBHS Pirate of the Year after having been elected by students of all grades. When asked about what the experience was like, Bryant said that it was “pretty exciting.”

The path to victory, however was not easy: with the switch to the new system of trios rather than couples, Bryant shared that she had to completely change her skit idea in order for it to work with trios. As a result, she came up with her skit (which, students will remember, was based on the popular sitcom “Friends”) the night before the rally. 

After this initial skit, Bryant was chosen as one of the Final Five, joining Jenna Wheeler, Michael Blanchard, Jaron Li, and Tyler Brady. Bryant, who is a key member of the Girls Water Polo team, actually heard the news of this while she was “getting into the pool.” She decided on her second skit, which was based on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s “Thrift Shop” because she wanted a song that “everyone is gonna know” that was also (mostly) school-appropriate. The choice of song was based on both her love of Macklemore and thrift shopping. In the end, Bryant’s group “just had a lot of fun with it.”  After having made it to the Final Five, Bryant said, her mindset changed to “hey, maybe I can win this.” 

Even at this point, though, Bryant was less than completely sure of her victory. Up until the moments before she was announced as the winner, Bryant said that whenever she was asked what she would do if she won she would “make this face like, ‘ugh.’” She said that her “highest votes were to Jenna…I love her and she’s amazing, I thought that she was gonna get it.” 

Two years ago, Season’s older sister, Aspen, was selected as the Prom Queen. When asked if she felt like she was carrying on a sort of legacy, Season laughed, saying that “growing up, we were not girls that wore dresses.” Both Aspen’s win as Prom Queen and Season’s win as Pirate of the Year, then, were “not normal.” Season reflected on this, remembering that recently she has mentioned how hard it was to live in Aspen’s shadow. Now, Season said, laughing, “I’m getting some light over here.” 

“If I was in Kindergarten now,” she said, “I would not be seeing myself as wearing a dress and tiara.” 

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