MBHS Takes Tough Loss vs. Santa Maria Football Recap


The MBHS Pirates went one-on-one with Santa Maria High this week in an away conference game played in Santa Maria. Going into the game, MBHS was on a 3 game losing streak after a loss to Templeton on October 18th, and Santa Maria is also on a 3 game losing streak after losing to Mission Prep.

The first game of the day was with the J.V squad. They lost their game with a score of 50-12. Quarterback Nicky Johnson threw one touchdown but also two interceptions. Running Back Phoenix Popp also ran for a touchdown. The Santa Maria Quarterback was very elusive, and the defense was unable to throw him down. After both touchdowns, the Pirates went for two two-point conversions but missed both. The rushing attack of Santa Maria was too much for the Pirates to handle, and the running ability of the quarterback was of no help to the Pirates. This loss brings the J.V record to 3-5 on the year.

The Varsity game then kicked off, with Santa Maria receiving the opening kickoff. It did not take long for MBHS to get the ball back, however, as Santa Maria was forced to punt on the opening drive. On the first drive of the game, the Pirates scored on a passing play to give them the early lead in the first quarter. This would be the last time the Pirates would score until the fourth quarter. Santa Maria was able to score 41 unanswered points, mainly off of running the ball. MBHS was able to finally get on the board after a 15-yard rushing touchdown. They then proceeded to miss the extra point, making the final score 41-13. This will drop MBHS to 3-6 on the season and extending the losing streak to 4 games.

The next game of the season will be the last game of the season, as the 3-6 MBHS will go up against the 8-1  SLO High. The game will be a home non-conference game. The last game will also be Senior Night for MBHS.

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