Are We too Old to Trick or Treat?


Every Halloween, children and young teens around the nation (or world!) gather to trick or treat for candy. Halloween is a highly celebrated holiday for kids, but as they get older they start to stop going. This could be because of older teens not wanting to be around other younger kids and think it might not be as cool as going to a party. With this comes the question: are we too old to trick or treat?

From my side, I think that it’s completely okay to go out when we’re older. Halloween is a holiday for people to feel nostalgia for past good memories. When I go out for Halloween, I take my closest friends and goof off with them while also getting free candy…who doesn’t love that?

For some people, Halloween just isn’t their cup of tea. If they want to go out to a party or stay home, that’s completely fine, but they should not be criticized for going out to Halloween at an older age. It’s almost ironic that for a holiday you celebrate at a younger age, is now weird for you to celebrate at an older age. We don’t stop celebrating Christmas just because we get older.

 I think that for Halloween trick or treating should not be limited by age as it possesses a feeling of nostalgia and builds relationships with friends. Honestly, sometimes we all need to just go out and be kids. It’s only once a year. So Pirates, go out and get some free candy!

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