Popular Halloween Costume Predictions

Pennywise cosplay at 2017 Montreal Comiccon.

Popular Halloween Costume Predictions

By: Julia Edgington

Halloween is coming up this Thursday and many interesting costumes have been planned. From the simple costumes like ghosts to weird 2019 trends like VSCO girls or Danielle Cohn in the Harvard video, the streets will be filled with unique costumes.

A VSCO girl is one of 2019’s most predicted costumes because it is cute, funny, and easy. An oversized shirt, shell necklace and scrunchies on the wrist are enough for a good VSCO costume. “I would wear shorts, an oversized shirt and of course a puka shell necklace,” sophomore Frank Gumia explains. “Also ten scrunchies on each arm, at least. Ten on each leg too. I would carry my standard 24oz HydroFlask in one hand, the 42oz in the other, and I would stick metal straws behind my ears.”

Another common costume expected this year is Pennywise the clown, inspired by the newly released ‘It 2.’ Being a clown is a spooky and simple idea, making it a popular this Halloween. Also, Pennywise costumes are sold at the Spirit Halloween store, a quick last-minute option for people who haven’t made a costume yet. 

Each year brings different trends as far as Halloween costumes, and 2019 is sure to be something different. Morro Bay High School is hosting a costume contest at lunch on October 31st, giving students a chance to show off their cool costumes. 

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