Last Minute Halloween Costumes


Did you wait too long to make a costume, but still want to participate? Here are 7 easy costumes for all procrastinators. 

7. Jack Skellington/ Skeleton 

Easy black and white makeup and simple black clothes can make a pretty but simple skeleton or Jack Skellington costume. Add a flower crown and flowy clothes for a more elegant twist to this classic costume. Even if you can’t get Halloween makeup you can still use black eyeliner, making this an easy costume for all procrastinators. Find an easy makeup tutorial here

6. Athlete

Any sports fan can easily put together. If you’re feeling especially lazy, pair an old jersey with some of your favorite dark washed jeans. For athletes, simply wear your sports uniform to school. Finally, for a punny approach, tape quarters to the back of a jersey and go as the ‘quarterback.’

5. Formal Apology 

Do you still have your clothes from HOCO? An easy costume to reuse that fancy dress or suit is a formal apology. Simply wear your fancy clothes, then write “sorry” to a piece of paper and tape it to your outfit.

4. Your favorite Minecraft character

This costume requires a bit of effort, and a box, some scissors, and some paint. For our lazy gamers, cut off the flaps off your box to make an opening for your head. Then cut eye holes to the side you want to be the front. Finally, paint the box green to make yourself a creeper, black for an enderman, or experiment with your artistic abilities to make your favorite character.

3. VSCO girl

Another fun, trendy costume with minimum effort is a VSCO girl. Pair high waisted jeans with a crop top and add a scrunchy. No crop top? No problem! Any old t-shirt can easily become a crop. Draw a line where you feel comfortable with your shirt going to and cut along the line. Even if you don’t feel comfortable cutting, you can still pull off this costume by tucking an oversized shirt into your pants. Find inspiration for your VSCO girl costume here.

2. Very tired parents

Anyone with an old soul will relate to this costume. Wear your favorite pajamas and draw dark circles under your eye with black or brown eyeshadow or eyeliner. You can even add a mug to enhance the effect, and for maximum laziness carry around your favorite blanket. 

1. Identity thief 

Particularly punny procrastinators will love our final costume, an identity thief. Wear whatever you want, and tape as many “Hi my name is” stickers to yourself. Write random and goofy names on the stickers and for an added touch where a robbers mask to get your pun across. Find an easy tutorial for a robbers mask here.

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