Pirates Fall to SLO in Final Game of the Season


MBHS went one on one in the last game of the regular season this past Friday against SLO High. It was the MBHS Senior Night, and fans were loading the stands to cheer on the Pirates.

With a final score of 49-6, the J.V team ended up losing their final game of the season. On the first drive of the game, Christian Merrill got an interception and returned it to the endzone for a touchdown. MBHS proceeded to miss the extra point, giving them a 6-0 lead. SLO eventually got back on track and scored 49 unanswered points against the Pirate defense. The SLO passing attack was too much for the Pirates, as MBHS was unable to hold up against their quarterback. The defense was able to hold the running game, but they did not get too many yards on the ground. Running-back Phoenix Popp had a good game, running for over 100 yards, but no touchdowns. This drops the J.V teams’ final record to 4-5.

The Pirates got off to a hot start in the Varsity game. Kevin Franco was able to throw on the first drive to open receivers. While on the SLO side of the field, MBHS was faced with a fourth and short and needed a score. Kevin Franco gave a hard snap, making the SLO defensive lineman jump offsides for an automatic first down. After that, the Pirates found themselves inside the 10-yard line. Kevin Franco faked the handoff and ran the ball into the endzone himself for the first score of the game. SLO High would go on to score 53 more points throughout the game before MBHS could score again. MBHS was able to score a 30-yard passing touchdown and make the following extra point to give them 14 points in total. The MBHS offensive line was too small for the SLO defensive line, as Franco was sacked multiple times. This made the final score 53-14 in the last game of the regular season.

MBHS made it to 12th place in the league, and have officially made it to the CIF Playoffs. They will be competing in the 2019 Central Section CIF Les Schwab Football Championship Tournament. They will be up against the 5th ranked Chavez High on November 8th at 7:00 p.m.

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