Today in Morro Bay History: A Look Back at Homecoming (November 6)


50 years ago today, Morro Bay High School’s 1969 Homecoming Week had begun. With the theme of “Pride, Prosperity, and Spirit,” (named for the tenth anniversary of Morro Bay High School), the festivities included class rallies, a “Bermuda day,” a fair which featured a milking competition, a pie eating contest, and a chicken and bicycle race, the homecoming dance and game, and the first annual Powder Puff Game. 

The Powder Puff game featured 50 total students of both genders, who were divided into four teams, just as they continue to be today. The Homecoming Queen of the year was chosen to be senior Cathy Rogers (pictured below), and the Homecoming Game was played between Morro Bay and Mission Prep, which ended in a Pirate victory with a score of 16-12, partially thanks to the offensive success of the “Player of the Week,” Craig Beecham. 

Over the last 50 years, Homecoming has featured a variety of changes: no longer do we have a fair or a queen. Even so, it’s clear that the overall spirit of celebration and tradition has remained to be essential parts of this annual event. 

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