Spotlight: MBHS Photographers and Videographers


Throughout high school, certain classes (such as electives) are supposed to guide students into a career path they like. One of these career paths is for photography/videography. Morro Bay High School has an abundance of talent in this category. Many photographers and videographers here at MBHS have looked into the future of their passion and how they could pursue it. So what are the future plans for these artists?

Photographer Lisbeth Diaz shares her work in a different way rather than with the school, “I have a website and I just put pictures up.” Future plans for this passion do not have to always be attending a specific college or having a job for it, it could also be a hobby. 

Some MBHS artists plan on attending schools with a specific type of art. Senior Justin Castillo, talking about his plan to attend film school, said that “I want to have relationships with other people and gain a way into the film industry easier rather than starting fresh and with that I want to meet new people, work with other companies and just build my way up the film industry.” Working to become a videographer, Castillo shares his work through MBHS Dance Fusion with promotional videos and submits videos to film festivals such as the All American Film Festival in New York City.

As well as Lisbeth Diaz, junior Isara Warner also looks at her photography future as a hobby or side skill. “I might want to take a fun Cuesta class, but I don’t know if this is going be a career,” she said.  Warner shares her succulent and cactus photos mainly with the school but also with the community. Warner shared that “[in] Advanced Photo class we get to present [our work] to the teacher, sometimes we have art galleries or create our own art galleries and we have a lot of contact with different art places in Morro Bay and so sometimes we can even show our work there.”

Given all the abundance of skill in photography/videography, students in this field can look forward to a career or hobby in the future.

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