Changes Coming to the Library


By Taylor Dewey and Julia Edgington

Starting November 15, the MBHS library will be closing its doors. It has been a safe haven for students, providing instruments, computers, board games, and books. However, with school construction, it will be moving to the current boy’s locker room in the small gym. Despite the considerable downsizing, our school librarian Christie Hagwood expressed hope, “It is going to be beautiful. We can turn the new area into anything that students want and need. We’ll make it ours,” and that “As far as I’m concerned, it’s the same thing, different space.”

Hagwood addressed the changes to library activities and meeting areas, “I hope to take some chairs into the cafeteria and set up a small area for the time being, but I’m still not totally sure.” Currently, three clubs use the library as their main meeting space. It is unclear where the clubs will meet for the time that the library is closed. She also said that “I will always have instruments available in the library.” The main goal of the new library is to let students decide what will best serve us. 

“As far as homework goes, we won’t have a full lab, but we will have printers available.” Hagwood also explained that “we can turn the smaller office area in the locker rooms into  a private study space, but it can be whatever you want it to be.” For the books that students currently have checked out, “I would be happy if students could check in their books, but if people aren’t ready to check in their books in yet I would like them to come to renew them.”

The full effects of these changes have yet to be seen, but we can be sure that Mrs. Hagwood will continue to do her best to create an inviting and productive environment for all students who need or want it.

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