CIF: Pirates Football Defeated by Chavez in First CIF Game


MBHS entered their first CIF game on Saturday against Chavez High in an away game in Delano, CA. Despite the Pirates’ previous success in away games, the game ended in a loss for Morro Bay, ending the team’s run in CIF.

The first quarter had a fast pace, as MBHS put up their only points of the game with a touchdown. Chavez was able to score 14 points in the first quarter, which would be their only points of the first half. The first half was all about defense, as only 21 combined points were scored, and no points were scored at all in the second quarter. Chavez kicked off to the Pirates for the second half, but MBHS was forced to punt after a one minute drive. Chavez took the field and was also forced to punt after only one minute. Chavez would end up getting the ball back with 6 minutes left in the quarter, and run the ball in for a 50-yard touchdown. The kicker would end up missing the PAT, making the score 20-7 at the end of the third quarter. Chavez had the ball to begin the fourth quarter but would fail to convert on fourth down as the Pirate defense was too much. After another quick drive, MBHS punted to give Chavez the ball at the 50-yard line. Chavez scored another 50-yard rushing touchdown to make the score 26-7. They would attempt and convert the following two-point conversion to make the final score 28-0.

This was the final game of the 2019-2020 MBHS football season. The Pirates’ final record was 3-7, and they were able to make the 2019 Central Section CIF Les Schwab Football Championship Tournament.

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