The Rules of Wrestling


With the Wrestling season now starting up, there is no better time to clarify how the prestigious sport actually works. 

A wrestling match consists of three periods, which can last from 1 minute to 1:30 depending on the age group. The first person to score 14 points or have the most points at the end of three periods wins the match. A wrestler also wins if they manage to pin their opponents on the mat for a period of at least two seconds. If the score is tied after three periods, then the wrestlers go into overtime until one wrestler wins. The first person to score a point or points in overtime is declared the winner.

Wrestlers earn points from takedowns, escapes, reversals, back points, and penalty points. Takedowns are worth two points, escapes are one point, reversals are worth two points, and back points are worth two or three points depending on the length of time a wrestlers back is exposed. Getting a pinfall gives your team 6 points for the final team score. 

There are six violations that can happen in a wrestling match. These include leaving the mat proper, intentionally going out of bounds, grasping of clothing, interlocking or overlapping hands, figure-4 head scissors, and improperly equipped. Leaving the mat proper is when a wrestler steps off of the mat without permission of the referee.  Intentionally going out of bounds is when a wrestler goes out of bounds to intentionally avoid an opponent. Grasping of clothing is when a wrestler grabs something other than their opponent during a match. Interlocking or overlapping hands is when a wrestler wraps his hands around his legs or arms when their opponent is not standing or scoring near fall points. Figure-4 head scissors is a technical violation in the neutral position. Finally, improperly equipped is when a wrestler reports to the scorers’ table on the mat they will wrestle on without being prepared.

The next set of matches for the girls team is set to take place on November 23 for the Santa Maria Girls Invitation. For the boys, their next set of matches is on November 27 for the LPL Challenge at Santa Maria High.

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