Where in the World do Pirates Want to Visit?


With the holidays coming up, the time has come for some students to travel out of the city, state, or even country. As students venture out of our small-town to explore the larger world for a week or two, the question can be asked: if given the chance to go anywhere, where would our students want to visit? 

When asked in an Instagram poll, answers included that some wanted to go to Switzerland, New York, and Nicaragua. Others were less specific, instead stating that they wanted to go snowboarding or to snowy mountains. Three others said that they preferred to not travel during the break (with one saying that they simply wanted to “be happy”).  

In person, almost all students wanted to travel during the break, but they were very split over where they would want to go, with only one saying that they would want to stay home. Others wanted to stay relatively close, travelling to New York, Canada, Others ventured much further, with dreams of visiting Spain, Australia, Egypt, or Russia. Three wanted to escape to island life with visits to the Bahamas, Bora Bora, or the Galapagos Islands. Two also wanted to visit Japan. 

The travelling dreams of students and teachers alike spread across the globe, stretching from as far away as Japan to as close as their own home. As Pirates work towards their break, hopefully these dreams (big and small) continue to motivate and excite our school. 

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