Pirate Crews Update


If you need to be reminded the Pirate Crews are the four Crews that everyone got put into by random. The Crews are: Baltic, Aegean, Caribbean, and Caspian. These Crews are a new addition to the school this year. The Crew with the most “points” at the end of the year get to go too Six Flags: Magic Mountain. These Crews were made to make new friendships and encourage people to participate in school activities.

Since the begging of the year ASB have created a diverse set of lunchtime activities to gain points. ASB events are now more popular than ever. People are participating because they have motivation to win the prize. Baltic is in the lead. Everyone still has a whole semester to catch up. Nel Aldea a senior at Morro Bay High School stated “the crews at first made more people participate in activities as opposed to the other years without the crews. However, now that some crews are so ahead people have lost their motivation.” There has definitely been a decline of people participating in things as the year goes on.

The next semester has just started. It will give everyone an option to catch up. ASB will be creating more opportunity’s to get points. The crews overall have had mixed reviews. MBHS may or may not continue the crews next year. A vote would be a great way to determine if people are satisfied with the crews.

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