Review of Disney+

"Baby Yoda" has wormed its way into the hearts (and onto the shirts) of viewers of "The Mandalorian."

Disney Plus is out and it has taken the world by storm. Disney Plus launched on November 12 and just one day later over 10 million people signed up for the service. Disney Plus offers many deals and costs $7 a month and you get your first week free compared to Netflix’s $13 a month. Verizon users get a whole year free of Disney Plus. Disney Plus is a way for Disney to join in and dominate the new world of streaming entertainment. 

Disney Plus has everything you could ever ask from Disney. They have Disney movies, Disney channel shows, Pixar content, Marvel content, Star Wars content, and National geographic content. Like other services, Disney Plus has original shows. There is one show in particular that stands out though, the new Star Wars show The Mandalorian. This show came in hot, breaking the top ten current most popular TV shows. The show has a shockingly high rating of 97% user rating. This is impressive because of the mixed reviews of the last big Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. Disney is not messing around. They are offering a lot of content for a significantly cheaper price than other platforms. The app layout is easy to use and is specifically categorized. The only complaint that I used to have was that there was originally no “continue watching” area. However, this has been added to the app and as of now I have no complaints.

Right now, Disney Plus for me is a refreshing source of entertainment. It has potential moving forward and I am impressed on all of the shows and movies that they have. Disney have already come out announcing new shows like the Loki and What If? shows coming out soon. These are both connected to the Marvel franchise. Suckers for nostalgia like myself will appreciate the classic Disney properties that Disney Plus delivers, which allow users to re-experience classics.

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