Today in Morro Bay History: Prodigal Archers (January 29)


Fifty years ago today, on January 29th, 1970, Gary Lyman, a 17 year old Morro Bay High School student, showcased his archery talents in a competition that was part of the San Luis County Bowmen. Lyman was at that time known as a skilled archer, known as “one of the most promising archers in the state.” After the events of the article, Lyman continued his success and was described in a 1972 edition of “Bow and Arrow Hunting” as an “archery super-star.” 

In 1970, Lyman was hoping to travel to Detroit, Michigan in an attempt to qualify for the 1972 Olympics, but faced challenges in finding the financial means to do so. In my research I found no mention of him having been able to do so. 

Today, Morro Bay High School does have any archers who could rival Gary Lyman. However, we are not without nationally ranked athletes. Senior Joey Ruddell is reported to be ranked 8th in the nation for high jumpers in the class of 2020, according to an article by the University of Idaho. 

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