Girls Basketball Loses League Championship Opportunity


On January 28, the Girls Basketball Varsity team was in a position to battle with the Orcutt Academy Spartans for the first place League Championship this season. However, both teams battling in the first quarter turned chaotic having turnovers after turnovers. The Spartans stepped up their game and were up by 4 points after 1st Quarter. The Spartans took over the rest of the game, and was up by 13 after the first half of the game. Pirates comes back in the second half, but comes off short at the end, with a final score of 32-51.

On February 3rd, Lady Pirates played their last home game against Santa Maria High School. Freshmen winning their 3rd league game, and they are now 3-0 in league and 4-1 in overall record. The Freshmen faced the Saints first on their 3rd league game and won against them for the 2nd time, after a tie in the 4th quarter. Mary Grace Stouwie came in hot during the game and hit the winning point for the Freshmen team. JV shows their support for the Freshmen team for fighting back after being down by a couple of points. Final score was 42-41 after overtime.  

On the same day the JV team also played the Saints. The JV team is now 7-1 in league and 10-4 in overall record. JV Girls Basketball has also beaten their record last year’s record. Lady Pirates started their game on fire, hitting shots and making crazy and wild passes. JV Pirates faces off against the Saints for the second time and beats them by keeping them under 10 points the entire game. 

Varsity were up next, but before the game started the Girls Basketball Program honored their four seniors Zeeann McCarty, Jenny Rose Cabot, Kristal Yasay, and RJ Malapit. All seniors started the game with Freshman Magic Woodbury. However the game didn’t start as planned. The Saints win the tip and lays it up in the first 5 seconds. Although the Pirates fought back and took good care of the ball, and ended up winning the game against the Saints. The Girls Varsity have beaten their last year’s record and are now 5-3 in league, and 12-12 for overall record.

Girls Basketball last games are both away. On February 7th they are facing St. Joseph, and on 11th they’re facing the Atascadero Greyhounds.

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