Kindness Week


Last week was Kindness Week at Morro Bay High School. It was a week about supporting your teachers and classmates. It was for everyone in the school and the goal was to promote healthy friendships around the idea that sometimes a small action can help someone. The overall goal of the event was to make others feel included and make new friends. Kindness Week had “challenges” each day. For example, one of them was to talk to one person you think you don’t like and find one thing to complement them on. Kindness Week hopefully made a positive difference for some people.

Students at Morro Bay high school have different opinions on Kindness Week. Some students think that it was a fine idea. While others think that it was a wasted opportunity. Kyle Burton a senior at MBHS stated that “I really don’t understand Kindness Week because you should be kind all the time.” Some students do not see the point.

MBHS ASB works throughout the year to make school events special. People seem to think that Kindness Keek was a let down. This could have been because of the challenges or maybe the concept in general. Should ASB improve kindness week for next year or get rid of it all together?

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