Why Not Celebrate Love Every Day? A Take On Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is either a romantic day spent with your loved one, a depressing day of loneliness, or a day some people simply don’t care to observe. In our society, couples or even friends buy chocolate and flowers for each other and maybe even go out on a fun or fancy date. Some people take the day seriously and do something special for their significant other, while some simply use it as an excuse to shower friends or significant others with caring gifts. Some use it as a self-care day. It’s also common for people to start to feel lonely or left out if they don’t have a significant other.

I personally believe Valentine’s Day is an overrated holiday that glorifies relationships. Not everyone is or needs to be in a relationship. And if someone IS in a relationship, why only celebrate your love and express affection because of a designated holiday? It almost seems LESS romantic to celebrate love with your significant other on a day when it is expected, and that many other couples are also celebrating at the same time.

I don’t see why love needs to be celebrated on a certain day when these extravagant acts of love and affection for friends and significant others can and should be celebrated on any day of the year. 

Valentine’s Day originated from a holiday in Roman culture up until the 5th century. This holiday, known as Lupercalia, celebrated the fertility of women. The events of the holiday included pairing women off with men by a lottery. After the 5th Century the name was changed by the Pope to “St. Valentine’s Day”, which shifted the focus of the celebration to love.

My question is, why not celebrate love every day? If friends and couples really love or like each other, they don’t need a designated day to shower each other with gifts. I think it is more special to spontaneously and unceremoniously surprise your loved ones with gifts or special dates. Almost everyone does something special for their significant other on Valentine’s Day, so I think that makes this “special” day not so special. Celebrating Valentine’s Day also causes people to feel lonely for seemingly no reason. Not everyone needs to be in a relationship to be happy. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating Valentine’s Day, however I just don’t see why a special day for love, platonic or romantic, can’t be celebrated on any day of the year.

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