Joey Ruddell Jumping to New Heights with Idaho College Signing


Last week on Tuesday February 4th, Senior Joey Ruddell signed a scholarship to the University of Idaho for High Jump. Friends, family, and coaches attended his signing and celebrated Joey’s accomplishment with cheers and photos. 

Joey first started high jump his sophomore year and at the time, he didn’t expect to receive a scholarship until “recently.”

Over his high jump career here at Morro Bay High School, Joey has broken records and competed head-to-head against other great jumpers in the state. For the school, he has broken the previous record height of 6’6 with the measurement of 6’10. In his Junior year, he placed 5th in state and 2nd at nationals. 

The difference between high school and college high jump is that “I’ll be practicing more” says Ruddell, “have it every day and more year round.” He looks forward to a new level of the sport.

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