Today In Morro Bay History: A Visitor for the Future (February 20)


Fifty years ago today, Morro Bay High School invited Stary Gange, a representative of the Southern Counties Gas Company, to speak to students about how they should adapt to changing challenges and opportunities they will face. His speech, titled “What on Earth We Do Now,” was focused on how that generation (who were in high school during the early 1970s) would change the world.

Today’s high school students face many of the same challenges that the ones Gange spoke to did. Although a representative of a natural gas company might not be the best person to talk about it, the earth’s changing environment will give Morro Bay High Students a vastly different life than those who attended the school fifty years ago. It is comforting, though, to know that every generation of high schoolers feels the same way: that the world is giving them a unique set of challenges to face. 

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