Top 10 Things to Do While Social Distancing


While school is canceled for a month due to the COVID-19 virus, here are some things you can do on your own without the risk of spreading the virus:


10 Activities To Do while Social Distancing:

Play Video Games– That’s one thing most people love to do when there’s no school and can still connect with your friends through an online game.


Make TikTok Videos– It’s an online platform that has become a trend that everyone seems to be liking. Maybe you wanna try it out and have fun with the app.


Movie Marathon– Binge watching is always fun especially in situations like this, and also you’re spending quality time with your family. Watch your favorite movies or shows, and shove popcorn in your mouth.


Yoga- Find some alone and peaceful time by yourself and be calm. Yoga is always good when you’re stressing over Coronavirus.


 Workout/Exercise– Pick yourself up and do a 30-minute workout in your garage or your room. Stay HEALTHY!!!!.


Bake– It doesn’t cost you anything since your ingredients are already at home. Show your passion for baking to your family. 


Play Board Games– Game nights are always fun. Pull out your favorite board games, and gather around the table for some Monopoly, Scrabble, or Chess.


Dress Up- Put yourself in some silly clothing and have a fashion show at home and maybe drag your siblings along with you to make it more epic.


Start A DIY Project- Find something creative to do, like drawing, painting or make personalized gifts for your friends and give it to them when you get back to school.


Take Pictures- Go outside your house like on the side yards, backyard, or your front yard and take pictures of some random things. Or take selfies and see if they’re instagram worthy.


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