Hikes and Beaches Amid COVID-19


To negate the spread of COVID-19, the city of San Luis Obispo has called for a shelter-in-place. It is encouraged that people stay home in order to lower the spreading of the virus. However, citizens of SLO can still have their outdoor experience if they follow the guidelines of social distancing. 

For those who are outdoor lovers, there are still hikes and beaches open to the public, but it is required that they follow social distancing. The same goes for the grocery stores, pharmacies, and hospitals. Social distancing is the act of staying 6 feet apart from those who are around you. This applies to everything outside the home, and even in homes people are practicing social distancing from their families. 

Around SLO county, despite some closures of popular trails, many familiar hikes are partially open such as Bishop’s Peak. However, many small hikes have stayed open for the public as long as people keep practicing social distancing. For instance, “trails between Morro Bay and Los Osos, right off of South Bay Blvd,” states Morro Bay High School teacher Jennifer Frere, “are less traveled than maybe some other spots.” 

In addition, Montana de Oro is still open, giving citizens access to many trails. Of course, visitors should be mindful of others and perhaps plan a visit to less popular hikes.

Beaches are also a popular escape. Currently some still remain open, but recently our local news station, KSBY, has reported that “beach parking lots in Pismo beach and Morro Bay will be closed or restricted.” This is an attempt to lower the spread of the virus as well as to discourage large groups of visitors and tourists from visiting these places. Some beaches are still open, but some have been starting to close as most of our local beaches are being curfewed to 6:00 pm. 

Although some of these trails and beaches are still open, we should take it safe and assume that eventually most of these places will be closed down to further commit to not spreading the virus within our community. 

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